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2012-01-01 1:27 // 2012

A babona szerint egész évben azt csinálod amit szilveszterkor. Én netezéssel töltöttem főleg az estét, nem rossz.
JövőreIdén meg irány Anglia.

2011-08-18 8:24 // Mennyi?


2011-04-22 12:25 // today in the office

Talking about religion, people who are not practicing Catholics still think themselves as Catholics etc.
My colleague: "Catholicism is a pain in the ass religion."
Me: "Well, tell that to the little boys..."

2011-04-21 10:47 // typography 101

Why-why-why do proper websites with real journalists use sans-serif in the body text?
It's a scientific fact that serif is easier to read in long texts.
A few examples, violating basic typography, all online editions of newspapers: hvg.hu, nol.hu, mno.hu

2011-03-25 13:15 // come home!

Party sponsored website to convince emigrant young Hungarians to return to the country. Mostly with these 10 sentimental (half or whole) lies below:

(This is a quickly edited google translation:)

10 . Competitive Flat Tax
From January 1st 2011, Hungary has a flat 16% income tax rate. This is a very low tax rate even within the European Union.

9. The "Hungarian dream '- free track for new ideas
The "American Dream" era is over. In the United States and Western Europe market is saturated and very rarely, one or two new companies manage to have a big break. In Hungary it’s worth to build your own company to exploit your own ideas, while in the West you have no option other than working for a multinational company.

8. Turo Rudi (chocolate covered cottage cheese dessert)
Tell me another country which figured out how good is cottage cheese covered in chocolate...

7. Budapest - more multicultural than you think
Many of the returnees have already discovered that most customs, food, etc of western countries, can be found in the capital of Hungary with a little search. The same is not true in reverse.

6. Knowledge worth gold
Unfortunately Hungarians often don’t speak foreign languages fluently. The language skills you acquired abroad, therefore, may worth gold when you’re looking for a job.

5. Cheaper healthcare
OK, not every hospital has plasma TVs. But the doctors know their stuff, and a visit won’t cost you 80 Euros.

4. Stew (goulash) with dumplings, crispy peasant’s bread and mixed pickles.
... And a pitcher of Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood, red wine).

3. Nice girls, good guys, real friends
Hungary has not yet been touched by winds of gender-merging philosophies. During a conversation with friends you will have a much better understanding with someone with whom you share the same cultural roots.

2. Family friendly social systems
Just one example: in Hungary, 3 years of maternity leave. In the United States a few weeks... and we didn’t even mention the family taxation introduced this year.

1. The feeling ...
what you feel when you see the illuminated Budapest from the airplane window, what you feel when you hear the Hungarian national anthem at the Olympics, what will you feel when you watch the fireworks over the lake Balaton.

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